Common Questions

COMMON QUESTIONS2019-05-22T19:16:45+00:00
How soon can an expert be located with my statute quickly approaching?2024-01-30T15:13:22+00:00

In most cases we are available 24/7 for situations where experts are need on expedited matters.

How can I shorten the time necessary to prepare for depositions?2024-01-30T15:13:38+00:00

Valuable attorney hours can be saved by having NEMLC experts provide intensive briefings through capsule summaries of key materials. Nurses are available to provide teaching and to emphasize the relationship of medical negligence to the injury.

Will my expert witness testify well?2024-01-30T15:13:46+00:00

Starting with the best expert witnesses, NEMLC can provide valuable teaching conferences, pre-trial meetings with expert witnesses and attorneys, assuring the most professional testimony.

Who are the best and most credible expert witnesses?2024-01-30T15:13:50+00:00

NEMLC knows that the best witness must have superlative knowledge, high credibility and a demonstrated willingness to testify on liability, causation and damage. NEMLC has a network of board-certified doctors and experienced nurses with the highest credentials, and can locate the right one for even the most unusual circumstances.

What do the medical records say?2024-01-30T15:13:54+00:00

NEMLC will assemble, organize, review and interpret all medical records, insurance claims information and related information, providing complete narrative summaries and timeline chronologies of medical events.

What research is available on conditions, treatments and procedures?2024-01-30T15:13:59+00:00

NEMLC taps virtually the entire base of medical literature beginning with their own extensive library. NEMLC also uses world-wide computer access to the National Library of Medicine, and biographical retrieval services. Your case will benefit from nearly total knowledge of relevant medical research.

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