What we do

New England Medical Legal Consultants, Inc. provides attorneys with the highest quality, most credible experts throughout the country.

New England Medical Legal Consultants has experts in all professional areas of practice. Our goal is to place an expert who practices in the specific area of expertise that is requested. Please refer to our expert directory. Our board certified experts are not under contract with NEMLC and are encouraged to work closely with the attorney

“I have had the pleasure of working with the professionals at New England Medical Legal Consultants, Inc for over 25 years. They are extremely helpful, informative, and responsive to requests for information and expert reviews. Their medical background allows them to provide insights into issues in potential matters and to help efficiently and effectively direct the inquiry and investigation. They have access to many of the top experts in a myriad of medical specialties. These experts, and the professional staff at NEMLC, provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the merits of a potential case which enables us to make an informed decision whether to pursue a particular matter and how best to advise our clients. Their fee structure makes it cost effective. We have the utmost confidence in them and recommend them without reservation.”

Trial Attorney, Hartford, CT

“My firm has worked with the team at NEMLC for over a decade. We handle personal injury and medical malpractice cases and need experts who are highly qualified, willing to give us their honest opinions, and are reliable.  NEMLC has helped us find experts in nearly every recognized medical specialty. They are willing to work with us to get the expert most qualified to evaluate each case. When we need any experts who are nationally recognized in their specialty or who have published on a particular topic, NEMLC goes the extra mile to help us.   Their pricing structure is clear and they step back after locating an appropriate expert, allowing us to build a direct relationship with the expert. I appreciate the work that NEMLC has done for our clients and am comfortable giving them an enthusiastic recommendation.”

Trial Attorney, Boston, MA

“The staff of New England Medical is not only competent, but displays an innate ability to understand the complexities of all issues requiring expert help.  New England Medical is my go to place for the best and brightest expert help. They take the time to understand the case, ensuring their assistance will be what I need.” 

Trial Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

“NEMLC is by far the best consulting group to help identify top Experts in the field. Ken Mahoney and Kate Cooper are hands-on, respond promptly and most of all meet the deadline with qualified experts. NEMLC is preferred over any other service and as a lawyer, I would not know what I would do without them. They are an integral part of my handling.”

Trial Attorney, Philadelphia, PA

“NEMLC is the only expert service I will work with. Ken and his team are accommodating, responsive and always work hard to find the right expert for my case.”

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“I have been working with Lois Mahoney at NEMLC for years and it has been a very successful relationship. She has obvious expertise and great contacts in the medical world which allows her to find highly qualified medical experts. Most importantly she enjoys what she does, cares about the quality of her work and it shows. My clients and I are most appreciative.”

Trial Attorney, Hartford, CT

“I have had the pleasure of working with NEMLC for the past 15 years.  Over that time I have turned to Lois Mahoney and her staff to assist me with locating some of the top medical experts in the country.  Lois and her staff have consistently delivered on their services. They are delightful professionals who rise to every expert search challenge.  They make the process efficient and cost-effective. I have nothing but praise for the quality of their results. I would not hesitate to recommend them to every trial lawyer in need of superb experts at a reasonable price.”

Trial Attorney, New York City

“For more than 10 years I have worked closely with New England Medical Legal Consultants. As we all know, having an excellent expert witness can be the difference between success and failure. Expert witnesses I have obtained through NEMLC have the best credentials, are well prepared, are responsive to my calls and requests and present very well in court. I highly recommend NEMLC.”

Trial Attorney, Portland, ME

“I have used the services of Lois Mahoney and New England Medical Legal Consultants, Inc. for over 20 years.  They are incredibly helpful in sifting through complex medical questions. They are very knowledgeable, patient and easily accessible even to the point of participating in conferences calls with clients.  I always trust their judgment on which cases to bring and which cases to decline and for those cases I bring they locate the necessary experts. I would not consider taking on a medical malpractice case without consulting Lois Mahoney and her group.”

Trial Attorney, Ocala, FL

“Ken Mahoney and New England Medical Legal are the best in the business, no question.   We have worked with them for many years and they consistently connect us with top notch experts, specialists and sub-specialists with impeccable credentials, usually university affiliated, accessible and interested in the work.  We would not work with anyone else.”

Trial Attorney Manchester, NH

“I have had the pleasure of working with New England Medical Legal Consultants, Inc. (NEMLC) for over thirty years. Their service has been of the highest caliber. Over the years I have used NEMLC for retention of experts, case review, as well as medical consulting. Their advice is always first rate. Review time is prompt and their work is done in both a timely and thoroughly professional manner. Moreover they are a pleasure to work with. Their analysis of complex medical legal issues is most helpful in determining risk/reward when evaluating a case. They are extremely adept at case analysis. Their contacts and resources within the medical community are second to none. I would recommend New England Medical Legal Consultants to anyone looking for first rate case evaluations without reservation.”

Trial Attorney, Providence, RI

“For 30 years we have benefited from our relationship with New England Medical Legal Consultants, Inc. They are our “go to” team in the overwhelming majority of our medical negligence cases, and those types of cases make up two-thirds of our personal injury practice.  Whether it is the organization of the records, critical timelines, medical literature research, identification of and interaction with first rank medical experts in virtually every field of medicine over the last 30 years, and investigation of medical experts opposing our lawsuits, they have all been provided with the highest level of service.  New England Medical is readily accessible, reasonable and once retained they are with you at your beck and call for the duration of the litigation. They have made a significant difference in our practice and to so many of our clients. Without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend them to any law firm considering or filing a medical malpractice claim.”  

Trial Attorney, Troy, NY, Your Content Goes Here

“I have been working with Lois and Ken Mahoney at New England Medical Legal Consultants (NEMLC) for the past fifteen (15) + years.  They have located experts for me in numerous medical specialties and they really find the best experts. The experts are always highly qualified in their respective fields with no predisposition as to the outcome, which makes them impervious to cross-examination on bias.  Their turn around time is exceptional (usually one or two days if not sooner) and their charges are extremely reasonable. Unlike other expert search firms, they do not have any on-going charges once the expert is retained. I have recommended NEMLC to many other attorneys, including those that practice with me and those that do not, and all feedback I have received has been uniformly positive”.

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